Tour of Utah

The Tour of Utah kicked off earlier this week and today the riders completed Stage 5 of the 7 stage event. It’s over 700 miles of cycling and includes some pretty grueling climbs into the surrounding mountains, reaching almost 10,000ft. Thanks to the loop during this stage of the event, it was actually possible to see the riders for more than just the couple seconds it takes them all to pass by.

tour of utah, bike race, pelaton

The pelaton flys past us at roughly 50 mph… literally becoming a blur

tour of utah, bike racers

Out of the 7 loops, I was able to catch 5 because we got down there after the race started, but also moved locations. First situating ourselves around an epic corner halfway through the loop and then up at the finish line in the Alsco VIP tent.

tour of utah, pelaton, bike race

Even though this was the shortest leg of the race, only 55 miles, the racers were pretty relieved to make it to the finish. Towards the end of the race you could see the clouds looming on the horizon, threatening rain.

tour of utah, bike racers

tour of utah, bike race

Bad weather hit during the award ceremony and a giant gust of wind from the oncoming storm starting blowing tents up and parts of the finishing area actually capsized. A guy was standing on top of it, but it didn’t seem like anyone got seriously hurt or smashed to pieces.

tour of utah, bike racers, stage 5

Michael Woods crossing the finish line, just a two seconds before the runner-up.

The winning rider for Stage 5 with Michael Woods from Optum Kelly Benefit Strategies team, coming in at 2:03:50, and now leading the overall standings by roughly 4 seconds. While Woods leads the individual placements, the Axeon Cycling Team is first for team times, with Colombia following

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