‘The Plan’ – Welcome to 2015

Happy 2015 from Jericoacoara!

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Just in case in you’re wondering, I’m still alive, still in Brazil… and my internet is horrible (like I’m going to die from how horrible it is!!!)

When I left in May for the World Cup I didn’t really have any set plans, though now they’ve started to formulate a bit more and I have a pseudo-idea of where I’ll be going in 2015. In the spirit of completing all the stops that my friend Gabe and I intended to get through on our original visit, I did the Amazon boat ride (twice) and have since been wandering along the coast with the idea of spending the famous Brazilian Carnival in Recife/Olinda.

Since that’s not taking place till the week of February 12th, I’ve settled down in Jericoacoara Beach, about four hours from Fortaleza.  I have not been doing any work on writing, video, or photography because I’m was working two jobs (some 19 hrs/day) at a hotel and a restaurant for about two weeks.  It’s been more of a social experiment for me than a necessity and, after calculating how much I earned for 14 days of work, I quit one of the jobs (pay is roughly $1/hr — pales in comparison to a similar stunt I tried in LA where I racked up enough money to buy a new camera & plane ticket).  Now I know how crappy and hopeless it is working for a less valued currency in a third world country.

jericoacoara beach, kitesurfing, kitesurfer

After Carnival, the plan is somewhat loose… I’ve been invited to work for a friend back in Maranhão in Lençois Maranheses (so I can see the dunes when they’re full of water) and to Piauí to exchange English classes for kite surfing lessons.  Not 100% on either of these, but they both sound like fun for a month or two.

If neither of these fall through, I’ll just hitch down the coast, hitting up a few spots along the way down and eventually end in São Paulo to catch a (yet-to-be-booked) flight to Panamá.  I’m also hoping to visit Uncle Pete, Walton, and Maria before leaving Brazil. From Panamá my plan is to hitchhike up through Central America.  The only countries I’ve been to in this strip of land are Panamá and Mexico.

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Before anyone goes crazy, I’ll probably try and find myself a hitchhiking buddy for the area because Central America is a bit on the sketchy side in certain places.  Countries I’ll be visiting along the way include: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador (maybe), Guatemala, and Belize.  I have a fairly loose intention of arriving in Guatemala at the same time as my brother Christian and having him and his friends be my tour guides for the country and the mountainous region where Q’eqchi’ is the main language spoken (maybe I can learn some LOL).  Hopefully this will involve doing some kind of video/photography project together. I would also like to go back into Mexico because I only saw a very small part of this huge and amazingly diverse country.  Unfortunately, my Oni has told me that visiting his drug cartel relatives is not an option, so I’m looking more at destinations like the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico City.

Up to now I’m not really sure if I’m going to feel like hitching all the way up to Los Angeles, I might just catch a flight, but who know… maybe I just cross in Texas and try to pop in on some family members.  It would also be interesting to try hitchhiking in the States, though I’m not sure how I feel about that. Well, those are my very loose plans and they take me up to roughly August/September 2015 which seems quite a long time from now, but I’m sure it will pass like a flash.  If this pans out (which would be kind of a first for me) it will be about 16 months on the road, my longest trip yet.

jericoacoara beach, sunset, reflection, silhoutte

When I get back to LA I’m going to help my Oni with his budding baking business and hopefully rack up some cash, settle my affairs, and then sometime in 2016 I think I’ll head over to the old homeland, Sweden to brush up on the language and maybe try and become a plastic surgeon (yeah, I know, totally out of left field right).

That’s it for now…

P.S. I’ll be posting some old stuff from me and Phyllis in Fortaleza since I never got around to it, but I’m in Jeri till February.

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