The Cat in the Boat

cat living on a boat, cute cats, sailing adventuresAlmost everyone who knows me is sure to know probably the only thing I love as much as Lord of the Rings is my cat. I’ve had him since my eleventh birthday and he’s turning the corner on his sixteenth year in this world, an old man and more loving than ever.  It breaks my heart to leave him every time I go away, especially since he’s so old, and I’m so grateful to have friends who see him as much as a person as I do.  In the two months on the boat, I’ve seen quite a number of dogs accompanying their humans, but it wasn’t until I met a crazy-middle-aged Carioca (from Rio) sailing a her boat around San Blas that I’ve seen a cat.  She is also, by the way, the first female captain I’ve met here — which was also a treat.

crazy people on a boat

Tambourine just treats the boat like an apartment and it’s a fun one. He’s got plenty of places to take a nap and more than enough places to climb.


I guess it shouldn’t really come as a surprise since he’s a cat, but it was still fun to see him jump up and gracefully balance on the thing railings that run along the boat edge. I wonder if he realizes falling in would be a horrible experience for him or maybe he’s distracted by the 360 degree window.


He’s got a better view of sunset than most people. Maybe it’s time to bring my furry orange friend out here and I’m sure he’s just ridiculously spoiled by the amount of fish.

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