#TBT – Why Aren’t There Legos in Every Airport?

playing legos at the airportMaybe it’s juvenile, but I think airports really need to invest in more quality entertainment for bored passengers.  I’m not 100% sure, but I believe this is the airport in Amsterdam and this children’s play area was a great idea.  Combine that with my belief that children should not be allowed to fly until they are old enough not to cry and every airport could be equipped with an entertainment zone free of children.  Ok, there’s WiFi around most airport now and there’s plenty of things to distract you via smartphones and laptops, but I miss the good old days of using the children’s play center as a place to pass the time away.  I mean, look how stimulated our brains are… the possibilities in those bricks are endless! Too bad Lego is partnering with Shell to destroy the Arctic, or at least being complicit.

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