#TBT – Vamos a Bolivia

Throwing back to the first day of hitchhiking in Brazil because I’m was hoping to be on the road today for the first time this trip trying to get back there for the World Cup! But there’s been unexpected delays so… Saturday.

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Gabe and I starting our hitchhiking tour of South America

After four lovely months in the small town of Itararé (on the border of São Paulo/Paraná) teaching English, my friend Gabe and I began our grand hitchhiking adventure of South America.  Starting in the beginning of December, our plan was to head west to Bolivia, go up through Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, to arrive back in Brazil where we wanted to take a boat down the Amazon River.  We foolishly thought we could make it to Recife in the northwest of Brazil for Carnival in February.  Oh, how wrong we were… the South American continent was much, much larger than we thought and distances that would be 5 or 6 hours driving in the U.S. took us sometimes as much as 18 hours to cover thanks to rundown roads and vintage trucks.  

After being dropped off on the highway just outside the town by my uncle we actually managed to get our first ride quickly, a truck driver, and talk to him in passable Portuguese.  A little later in the day we veered off course, had to backtrack after getting stuck, though we managed to arrive in Londrina where we had a place to stay.  It only took an entire family of Brazilians to wait with us at the bus stop to make sure the third bus we took in town would be the right one (after finding us looking very confused on the second one).  Good times!

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