#TBT – Mammoth Mountain Trip

mammoth mountain, California, snowboarding

Me and my BFF Hannah with our crazy friends Payam and Bardia. Hope someday to be back on a mountain with them!

There’s no particular reason for me throwing back to this moment except that it was just good times.  My trips have become so far flung in the past years, wandering all over the planet that sometimes I forget that little trips can be just as great.  These days I have a hard time getting up to a mountain, but driving from Los Angeles to Mammoth Mountain for a weekend was one of my favorites from my time at USC.  Sure you had to fight the traffic for 3 hours to just get out, but as you drove north the stars started to show, startlingly clear in the cold air.  Then you can spend the whole weekend zipping down the slopes and enjoying the feeling of freedom that is totally unique to that experience.  


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