#TBT – How to Ride A Camel

Basically you just get on…the camel does the rest of the work.

riding a camel, morocco camel ride, sunset camel ride

It’s feels like ages ago that was in Morocco… at the time the sights, sounds, and smell were utterly bewildering and completely the opposite of anything I’d ever been exposed to.  Going there was a whim, facilitated by the cheap airlines that connect Europe.  Day time was too hot to do anything, clocking in at about 55 degrees Celsius, so all the activity was restricted to the evening hours, hence this perfect capture by the camel wrangler as Hannah and I tried to get comfortable on this bumpy ride.  

The most vivid memories I have from that first trip Hannah and I did were centered in Morocco… of everyone in our building sleeping on the roof underneath the stars because it was too hot inside, spending a day doing nothing but looking for something else to drink (who knew that unquenchable thirst existed!), hunting for hashish with our couchsurfing host, trying desperately not to become overly sentimental about the scrawny street cats, and being completely befuddled by Arabic.  

I spent a month barely able to eat after catching a parasite there, but it doesn’t make me want to go back any less.

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