#TBT – Horseback Riding in Brazil


The small town of Itararé didn’t provide quite the number of entertainment venues Gabe and I were used to from living in Los Angeles, but Pelamé was something we could only have gotten here.  A fifteen minute drive from town, crossing the border into Paraná state, a friend had a fazenda (farm) where we would take weekend visits to go horseback riding.  There was nothing we looked forward to more during the week than spending hours wandering through the golden fields, looking for waterfalls, and testing the speed of our horses against each other.  Gabe always rode Deputado, always eager to race ahead no matter how much Gabe reigned him in, and I had the large white stallion Pajé who could never get enough to eat.  In the waning hours of daylight we’d return to the farm house and the horses would roll around in the grass, relieved to be free of their saddles.  

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