#TBT – Ghosts of Travel Past

Since I’m several years late in starting this travel blog I decided to pay homage to the “ghosts of my travel past” with a #throwbackthursday category. I’ve always been an extremely nostalgic person and there’s nothing that puts me into that mood faster than old travel photos and stories. So without further ado…

girls drinking tinto, madrid, spain, tapas, bar

July 2009 – My travelling soulmate, Hannah, and I enjoying our tapas & tinto in Madrid, Spain.

During the summer of 2009, between our sophomore and junior years at the USC in Los Angeles, my best friend Hannah, her sister Jennifer, and I embarked on our first backpacking trip to Europe.  Being on a tight budget, I had convinced them we should do Couchsurfing and it made our experience infinitely better.  It was our Madrid host that led us to this tapas bar where we drank, from what I remember, the best tinto we’d ever had and tapas.  He told us the food should always be free if you’re at an authentic tapas bar — sometimes sneaky places try to charge tourists for both.  Like a brat, I was sporting a the jersey of my favorite football/soccer team, FC Barcelona, right in the middle of Madridista territory. Luckily it didn’t start a brawl, though it managed to turn a few disapproving (and approving) heads.  To think a few years later Hannah would be living in the city, teaching English, and we would end up in the same bar when I stopped to visit her, during the tail end of my 2011 circumnavigation of the globe.  Somewhere between point A and B, we figured out that no matter when or where we were living, Hannah and I can and will always meet up somewhere in the world for more crazy adventures. Love you Chica:)

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