#TBT – Family & Friends Abroad

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I’m throwing back to the day I left Brazil today as I arrive for the second time in South America. These are two of the people I look forward to seeing the most, my uncle Peter and cousin Maria Luiza who live in São Paulo state.  We all drove up for the weekend I was leaving and here we are in Parque Tenente Siquiera Campos (I think) next to Avenida Paulista in São Paulo.  There’s only about 3,000 km of hitchhiking from here in Buenos Aires to them…it will be almost exactly a year since I left. 

Peter was gracious enough to extend the invitation to teach English to me and my friend Gabe two years ago.  When we showed up at the end of July 2012 it must have been over ten years since I’d seen Peter and it was the first time I met Maria — she’s a pretty awesome, crazy-energetic kid.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, never having spent too much time with any members of the large Wagner clan.  Looking back, it’s one of the best things that I’ve done (and I highly encourage anyone, especially the rest of my family, to do the same if they can).  Not only did I make friends with enough Brazilians to come back for a second round, I also learned what it means to live abroad for an extended/permanent period of time and dealing with things like language barriers and not having access to Mac & Cheese or peanut butter;)  

 It’s not everyone that is so lucky to have friends and family scattered across the globe and I have both.  


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