#TBT – Exhausted in Spain

two girls sleeping at airport

Whenever Hannah and I are traveling we tend to sacrifice sleep to make the most out of the time we have in a place.  Here was another one of those times.  We were flying to Marrakech, Morocco from Spain so when we arrived Sunday morning in Sevilla we decided we wouldn’t waste a moment.   There wasn’t actually very much going on — we attended a mass in some fancy church, walked around, ended up in a park trying to decipher the thickly accented words of the group of guys who invited us to hang out with them there.  I believe we were mostly unsuccessful… On our way back to the bus station or airport (wow I really don’t remember) some other guys working at a restaurant that we had passed earlier invited us out.  So instead of being responsible (like Hannah’s sister Jen) we decided sure, why not.  Off we went, wandering around the city and eventually to some clubs/bar like venues.  

In the early hours of the morning they got us back to where we needed.   Jen and her boyfriend were apparently not amused at our all night adventuring because they snapped this picture and went ahead without us to the check-in.  We barely woke up in time to race over and I remember being so tired that I accidentally handed immigration the wrong passport and wondering why he seemed so upset.  I guess he couldn’t figure out how I’d gotten into Europe without a stamp…

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