Stansbury Island

And ski season is over… turns out it was good for saving up cash and horrible for my blog. Although I probably could have found dozens of things to write about, it completely fell off my radar. Everything definitely fizzled out slowly for me and I spent the last month with a broken leg that I’m still recovering from. But hopefully I’ll have new things to write about soon even though it appears that I’ll be in Utah for longer than I thought… I seem to have accidentally acquired a boyfriend in my time here. So here’s our first camping trip together, a short trip to Stansbury Island.

salt flats, utah, stansbury island

Camping at Stansbury Island

For a quick and easy getaway from Salt Lake City, Stansbury Island is a pretty good, underrated option. It’s the second largest island on the Great Salt Lake. There’s a bike path across the island and plenty of hiking opportunities. People also frequent the island to shoot guns and drive four wheelers. With my broken leg, however, these weren’t really options for us and the location was chosen for its proximity and accessibility for car camping.

stansbury island

Salt mines

Mining for Salt!

Stansbury Island is partially BLM land and partially private property for cattle ranching. Aside from the cows, the salt fields, and a few mining areas, the place seems almost entirely deserted.  The landscape is quite unique, similar to Antelope Island, but more forlorn. Glittering in shades of blue, green, white, and red, the salt waters stand eerily quiet, casting perfect reflections of the still snowy mountains.

No Trespassing, Stansbury Island

While there were few signs indicating where to go, there were plenty of signs warning you to stay out.

cow, cattle ranching

Hope this cow doesn’t attack us!

After driving around and scoping out most of the northern half of the island we opted for setting up our campsite at the top of gnarly hill… I wasn’t sure the car would make it, but we made it up to a little alcove where we set up camp (actually I watched Mitch set up camp).

Landscape, Stansbury Island, Great Salt Lake

The great view from our campsite.

I wanted to find the petroglyphs that are located in various spots around the island, but there’s not very much information on where to find them and going on some crazy scavenger hunt in my crutches probably wouldn’t have been a good idea. I did probably make it up some tougher terrain than most people on crutches ever would though. Instead we spend the rest of the day cooking. Mitch was pretty proud of the campfire and makeshift oven he made… and the food was delish:)

crutches, camping

Despite my new title as “Gimpy Micky” I still managed to crutch my way along this rocky terrain. Go me!

Camp cooking, campfire

Mitch tending his awesome, improvised camping stove.

I would have liked to make it down to the lakefront for the dramatic sunset Stansbury Island is known for, but we couldn’t find an access with the car. But it didn’t matter too much as our campsite was perfectly situated to watch the sunset from up high. We sat back, relaxed, drank a bottle of wine and watched the painting go from light shades of yellow and blue to orange, purple, and pink. By the time the sun was gone, it got really chilly so we huddled into the sleeping bags — early April was great because there weren’t any bugs, unfortunately it was also very cold at night!

camping stansbury island

Here’s our campsite…

Stansbury Island, Great Salt Lake Sunset

Awesome sunset.

Stansbury Island turned out to be the perfect spot for just a short trip. A good test for the hopefully upcoming trips.

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