#TBT – Skydiving in Queenstown

skydiving, tandem skydiving, queenstown new zealand

New Zealand is the place for extreme sports and doing crazy things like jumping out of planes.  You can sky-dive in several cities: Taupo, Abel Tasman, Auckland…   I chose to do it one morning in Queenstown, before going to work for day fundraising for Greenpeace.  Sky-diving had been something I’d been dying to do for several years so, of course, I elected to go to the very highest point –some 15,000ft up in the air–with a solid minute of free fall.  By the time we reached that height, I was the only person left in the plane aside from my Brazilian tandem jumping partner.  You don’t even really have time to think when you’re doing it… he just said ‘Ready?’ and we were already soaring over the incredible mountain range and Lake Wakatipu.  We did a few acrobatics while flying through the air and then came gliding down in the longest/shortest minute of my life.  I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so exhilarated… everyone should try this at least once!



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