São Paulo Graffiti and Street Art

São Paulo is South America’s largest and most dynamic urban jungle and like much of Brazil it is a mecca for graffiti art.  Almost every building has something on it, whether it’s trashy lettering that amounts to little more than vandalism or impressive large works of art, you’ll find it in São Paulo.  There’s so much of it there’s no way to possibly document it at all and many of the best pieces are inaccessible to those who don’t know where to look.  I did my best to snap away at the things I saw while walking around, but I have to admit that I would never have found this amazing spot without the help of one of my old CS friends, Vinicius, who I met up with one night.  Some of the photography ended up a bit wonky since it was late at night and I had no tripod with, making my long exposures a bit of mess, but the point is you can see these fabulous pieces or artwork.


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