Rio de Janeiro Graffiti and Street Art

For admirers of street art and graffiti, the great thing about Brazilian cities is that there’s a lot of it to admire, which is why everyone’s getting a double helping given I just posted on São Paulo’s graffiti.  The unfortunate part is the best of it is probably in places where you shouldn’t be pulling out your camera.  Rio de Janeiro is no different and, more often than not, the best pieces I saw were either flying by on the freeway or totally inaccessible.  Most of my documentation, consequently, was concentrated to Rio’s downtown area and, particularly the Lapa district that, unsurprisingly, turns into a place of revelry at night that rivals the best party spots around the world.  If you want to keep up with the graffiti there, it’s best to let the Brazilians document it and they’ve made an excellent evolving guide here, complete with maps and photos.

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