Pub Crawl in Palermo

Last night I danced with a nine foot tall transvestite clown… this is how to party like the Porteños.

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I wouldn’t say that I’m a crazy partier when I go travelling.  Most the time I’m primarily interested in wandering around the city, eating food, and meeting people.  That being said, I rarely say ‘no’ to nights out on the town and am proud to say that I’ve danced the night away on every continent (except Antarctica) and anyone who has sees me and my global-dance-partner-for-life, Hannah, on the dance floor don’t forget it.  She’s not here with me this time around, but if there’s any city that going out is well worth your time it’s Buenos Aires so, of course, I had to go for the both of us.   Sadly, walking around with an expensive camera is absolutely impossible, though it would have garnered the most interesting photographs of the day, so you’ll have to use your imagination and make due with the phone camera.

First rule of partying like an Argentinian is to make friends with some Argentinians.  I was invited to join two Argentines that I met last year in Calafate, who were now intent on keeping their promise of showing me what a real party looks like.  Luckily, if it’s your first time in Buenos Aires and you haven’t made friends yet, it’s easy to join something like the Buenos Aires pub crawl.  The nice thing about the pub crawl was that it was full of Argentinians as well — it was, after all, these two guys that invited me to go.


Reunited with these two crazy guys… immediately had my had stolen.

I’m truly amazed (and so would anyone else who knows my abysmal sense of direction) that I managed to find them. I arrived almost an hour late, due to a previous engagement, and have no phone with which to contact anyone.  Wandering around the streets of Buenos Aires by yourself, or any other unfamiliar city, at night is not the wisest suggestion.  If you do, don’t bring anything valuable with you and if you have something keep it out of sight.  I had my iphone and pulled it out once when I ran into a McDonalds, which means free wifi (and bathrooms) here.  Turns out I wasn’t too far away from the start of the pub crawl which began the night at a place called Rock and Go from whence it crawled through Palermo Hollywood.   It’s one of the subdivision of the Palermo barrio, located in the northeastern part of the city.  During the daytime hours there’s not many huge tourists draws unless you are looking to eat at the many cafés and restaurants in the area.The quiet atmosphere of the daytime had melted in the darkness of the night and I could hear music seeping into the streets as I got nearer to the location.  Of course when I got to the first location the group had moved on and a quick sweep of both the upper and lower floors made it apparent that the place was closing.  There were, however, a few guys outside the place and I, obviously being a lost gringa, attracted their attention.  I told them I was looking for the pub crawl and they immediately told me where I should go and one of them even walked me there (I must put off the vibe that I will definitely not arrive unless you take me there yourself). And, magically, the first person I spotted heading into the next bar was one of my friends and after that everything fell into place.  I had my name added to the list, got myself  wristband, and was given ‘free’ shots every place we went (included with the 100 pesos to join). If I had been on time I could also have gotten pizza and beer at the first stop, c’est la vie.  Not having changed money yet, I couldn’t really take advantage of the special drink prices you get, but I didn’t really need more alcohol.

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We went to three different bars all with slightly different feels.  The first one was really relaxed, people mostly talking and chilling while the next two were more lively with a fair amount of dancing.  I’d love to say what they were called, but I have no idea and they go to the same places.  Our final destination was a club called Liv… I wouldn’t say I was a fan of the music but he club’s atmosphere facilitated an all night out. The main floor we stayed at for a while wasn’t particularly impressive. The basement was much larger with confetti falling from the ceiling and disco balls much larger than me reflecting the mandatory smoke and lights, but my favorite part was definitely the group of transvestite clowns wearing foot-high heels. It was crowded, but with plenty of space to dance so we didn’t leave till close to 6am.

Argentinians mean it when they say they party all night… and I’m happy to say I could keep up with them.  I went to sleep with the pounding sound of the music still in my ears, but still managed to wake up around 10:30am, though my day still wasn’t very productive.

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