Pelourinho – Salvador’s Historic Center

I’ve finally made it to the northeastern part of Brazil, to one of the oldest cities on the continent and Portugal’s colonial capital, Salvador.  Today I took a stroll through the historic center, Pelourinho, which is depressingly a name derived for the a post in the center plaza where they used to beat slaves.  Brazil received the most slaves of all new world colonies and in Bahía is the heart of the cultural inheritance.

All that aside, Pelourinho is a really great place to walk around if you want to see lots of colorful colonial buildings, Portuguese architecture, see capoeira being played in the streets, and chow down on culinary concoctions from the Baiana kitchen.  It’s a lively and colorful place… I have to admit, I mostly took photos of the architecture.

IMG_5593 IMG_5556 IMG_5628 IMG_5558 IMG_5564IMG_5630IMG_5551IMG_5611IMG_5617IMG_5620IMG_5604IMG_5596pelourinho, salvador brazilIMG_5583IMG_5548IMG_5639IMG_5633IMG_5644
IMG_5602IMG_5651 IMG_5661IMG_5541

That’s it for now…

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