Parque de Cocó, Fortaleza

We were staying basically right next to Parque de Cocó so we decided to take a stroll around.  It’s a large park full of native vegetation and a great way to dip out of the city while still being in the city.   I’m pretty into urban parks even though it would obviously be nicer to be lost in the middle of a forest… you take what you can get.   The park often hosts events like concerts and there were lots of people around during our Sunday visit, having children’s birthday parties, running, and just enjoying the weather.  If you go there you’ll probably see lots of little marmosets, which is fun if you’re not used to seeing monkeys free and up close.  Phyllis and I also found some mangoes to eat.  If you like cats, it’s also a good place because there’s a bunch of them just hanging out.

lilypad, river, pond

The park, ironically, closes before any of the flowers open — they made a sign especially to tell you. What teases…

tree grove, forest

symbiosis, flowers tree

Phyllis and I couldn’t decide if these crazy flowers were a parasite… either way they were cool and all over the place.

insects, fortaleza, brazil

I can’t remember what Phyllis said these were, but they are cool little bugs anyway.

tree growth

marmoset, brazil

Little marmosets hanging out in the branches along the trail.

cat in the park, cute cat

There were tons of cats… this one was super friendly and I even took it for a ride on my backpack.


Too fast to try and photograph closely…

parque de coco, fortaleza

Fortaleza, Parque de Cocó, urban park

There’s a city inside this forest… oh wait.

For those of you who might think, ‘well, it’s just a park…’ that’s kind of the whole point.

That’s it.


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