Park City Arts Festival

Park City is probably most widely known for its world-renowned ski slopes, but the resort is still a lively place during the summer.  One of the big festivals it hosts every summer is the Kimball Arts Festival.  The event brings together hundreds of artists working with a variety of media including painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, fibers, mixed media, and more.

kimball arts festival, park city art festivalThe arts festival takes place over the weekend, Friday through Sunday, and is the perfect opportunity to peruse through thousands of pieces of art.  Its only a $10 entry, which lets you not just see all the artists works (or make purchases), but also listen to live music, enjoy Utah’s craft breweries, and food.

arts festival, decorative glass balls

I only made it out on Sunday, but still made my way through most of the stands.  While photography is one of my favorite things to look at, some of it can get a bit repetitive at resort towns with the standard array of gorgeous scenery and wildlife.  The whimsical paintings of birds in funny hats or Darth Vader riding on an Imperial Walker were amongst my favorites and I was truly floored by the $14,000 full size mermaid bust made entirely out of bird and jeweled-beetle feathers.  I don’t know how many hours it was to make or who would want a mermaid bust made of beetles, but it was pretty amazing, nonetheless.  There were also some great wooden instruments and a didgeridoo maker/player who made quite a convincing one-man band. Given my fondness for hats, I also was quite happy to try on some fabulous, old-school Americana hats I thought would do well as old Western film props though I resisted buying one as I don’t imagine I’ll have the occasion to wear one any time soon.

old school hat, western hats

Unfortunately, around 3pm and the remainder of the Park City Arts Festival got rained out by a thunderstorm.  Great fun, lots of amazing art.  Here’s to hoping I’ll finally be able to make it to the Sundance Film Festival.

P.S. In case I change my mind about the hats, which one do you think is the best one to wear while schooling Stephen Colbert at LOTR trivia?

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