Park City Alpine Slide & Alpine Coaster

The summer season is now over, but if you happen to come to Park City next year (or any other summer), you need to try out the Park City Alpine Slide and the Alpine Coaster.

I picked pretty much the last days of the season because I didn’t find out about it till then. Needless to say, it was quite crowded, but the wait in line wasn’t too bad. On a normal day, I don’t imagine it would have been very long.

On the slide everyone gets their own little sled and you’re responsible for your own speeds. All you do is push the lever forwards to go faster and pull back to go slower. It’s fun to go fast, but it does feel like you’re going to fly off.

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While the Alpine Slide closes down after the summer season, the Alpine Coaster can be ridden year round. It’s a nice ride if you’re looking for a scenic view of Park City. The whole ride lasts 8 minutes or so, but 6 minutes is completely automated as the ride pulls you slowly up the hill. For the last 2 minute descent you have control and can go as fast as you want.

Here’s a video of the ride so you can get an idea (the first section going up is at double speed, the down part is real time).

YouTube Preview Image



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