New Photo Store!

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of another year! It’s been about seven months on the road this year and so I’m going to be taking a bit of a break with posts over the holidays since everyone is probably to busy to read stuff anyway.

Come January, I’ll get some more posts up and hopefully some videos I’ve been procrastinating making for quite some time now.  Hopefully I’ll also have a better idea of my travel plans… thinking really hard about a hitchhiking trip through Central America to meet up with my brother in Guatemala by July or August.


Or, to be more exact, I am starting to sell prints of photos via Shuttefly and hoping at people are marginally interested in some of my photography.

You can access the Shutterfly gallery via the ‘Store’ button on the main menu or right here:

Since this is an experiment and I’m not actually sure which photos (if any) people are interested in so I’ve uploaded some of the ones I like, but if there’s any photos that you’ve seen on my site that you have particular interest in (as part of a post or in the photo galleries) just shoot me an email or comment.

canon camera, girl with a camera, rear view mirror

****And as a bonus, not only will you have an awesome, original photo print if you buy something from the store, you’ll know it’s going towards something awesome like me not sleeping in the middle of the road or having lunch for the day.****

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