Metropolitan Museum of Art

I’m not sure what the difference in size is, but New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, a.k.a. “The Met”, presented to me the same problems I had in The Louvre. As a slow museum browser that likes to see and read just about everything, the mind-bogglingly large collection was absolutely impossible to get through…

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Admission to The Met is a whopping $25, as the lovely New York tour pass booklets would have you believe. Except for the museum admission is totally donation based so you can pay whatever you like (I’ve opted for $1 donations everywhere I’ve been able to… yep I’m poor!).

metropolitan museum of art, polynesia polynesian carving, museum of modern artThere seem to be two ways to see the museum, rush through every room and see hardly anything at all or slowly peruse all the works of art.  I opted for the latter and found that after 7 hours in the museum I had barely covered any ground.  That being said, I enjoyed what I saw immensely and hope to be visiting soon again (and again, and again, and again).

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suits of armor

In case you’re wondering, The Met covers pretty much all the bases. They have the Roman and Greek antiquities, Egyptian artifacts, Byzantine, Medieval, Chinese, Japanese, Polynesian, and Americas, amongst many others across a various periods.

aztec dragon, gold

inca statue, gold, peru polynesian art

One area I was particularly interested in exploring was the Islamic/Middle-Eastern art section.  While I’ve had dozens and dozens of opportunities to see European and American art, exhibits from this region are sorely lacking in my repertoire.  The closest I’ve gotten has probably been with the Alhambra in Grenada or some exhibit in the Louvre at some point.  I did make it through this section and it’ll have to last me until I plan a visit to Iran.

japanese weapons, met

quran extract islamic art, iran

Museum was amazing, a must-see in the city, a place where you can wander forever or just pick a room and stare at one work.  Definitely coming back here when the opportunity arises.


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