Mesa Beach – A Hidden Santa Barbara Jem

My last day in California before months of exploring Park City for the winter season (yes, that’s actually happening)… you better believe I was going to be spending my day on the beach. Instead of heading to the bustling Santa Monica or Venice Beach areas in Los Angeles, we decided to find some more naturally dramatic beaches in Santa Barbara.

More Mesa, Santa Barbara

It may be a pain do drive, but honestly the 2 hours up to practically deserted Santa Barbara beaches is well worth it, especially when considering the fact that it could take almost as long to Santa Monica with traffic (no joke). At least this way you’re driving with beautiful views of the ocean. Hooray! Sadly, we did not have access to a convertible 🙁

beach bikes hidden beach, santa barbara

We chose Mesa Beach because it’s a favorite for a few of my friends… thanks to its gorgeous secluded cliffs and the clothing optional area–yay, nude beach! It’s just off the US-101 heading north, you have to park you car out on the street and then walk about five minutes on a trail towards, down the cliff trail, and you’re on a strip of beach.

mesa beach, santa barbara santa barbara nude beach, california, mesa beach

Everything was great… the tide wasn’t too high, the water wasn’t too cold, you could lay around on the beach naked and chill out in the waves to your hearts content. So that’s what we did for seven hours because I wasn’t going to miss the last ocean-setting sun I’ll be able to see for a while.

mesa beach, santa barbara mesa beach, sunset, cliffs

santa barbara sunset, mesa beach

The day was perfect; we finished off with a stop-off in Eagle Rock for Veggie Phở and to pop in on some friends.  See you later California, time for some Park City Mountain time!


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