Magic from Ilha do Marajó

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We arrived at the port on Ilha do Marajó mid-afternoon on a Sunday after a three hour boat ride from Belém.  Unsure of where to go, we got in a van that went to Salvaterra, only to arrive there and immediately look for transport to the capital Soure.  From here we wandered, finally arriving at Praia de Bairro Velho just after sunset and setting up our hammocks in the nearby mangrove trees.   A few hours later we woke to the sea rising underneath us and we had to look for higher ground, using only the light of the moon and stars.  In the morning, the water had receded and revealed to us for the first time the wild beach landscape, with little rivers running through mangrove trees, the sun streaming across the beach, and flocks of birds gliding over the sea.  Here we began our exploration…

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