House Sitting: Salt Lake City

Ever since my first backpacking trip to Europe, I’m managed to minimize my spending on hostels, hotels, and other accommodations by couchsurfing, which is basically the social network of travelers.  There is another way to cut out housing costs that I have been highly interested in: house sitting.   A lot of people hire house sitters, of course, but there are plenty of others that are also looking for someone non-paid to stay at their place, take care of pets and plants, and so on.  In exchange you get the chance for free housing and the opportunity to explore an area for a longer period of time.  While it’s possible to get a house sitting gig without references, they do help, so when I was offered the chance to watch my uncle and aunt’s house in Salt Lake City, Utah, I took it.

dog, house sitting

So here I am, back in the United States, trying to stop my brain from carrying me back to the tropical beaches of Brazil.  I’m hanging out in the beautiful Emigration Canyon with my two best friends for the time being: a silly dog named Sophie and the attention seeking Kitty.  My duties are basically feeding and cuddling these two babies, re-filling the bird feeders, and seeing if there are any blueberries popping up in the yard.

dog, cat, house sitting

Aside from doing that, what I’ll be up to for the next two weeks is trying to get to know some people living in Salt Lake City and having a few Utah adventures.  I’m hoping for lots of hikes and good food, maybe some exploration of the downtown area, free yoga classes, and whatever secrets I can find.

I’ll also be trying to publish the remaining articles and photos from the last year in Brazil and an erroneous trip to Las Vegas… For me the whole posting/editing is a long and arduous process that takes me ages, especially when I factor in video posts.

When I’m done with this house sitting gig, I’ll be heading 6.5 hours south to Colorado where I’m going to volunteer at the Telluride Wine Festival because, hey why not?  The plans beyond that are nebulous at best, maybe some time in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York City whilst I continue delaying the inevitable task of bringing my cat back to my mom’s house in Minnesota.

The whole idea with the house sitting is to find more house sitting gigs so I don’t have to lock myself into any kind of apartment lease while hanging out in the USA.

Wish me luck!  I have to feed Sophie now…

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