Hitchhiking: The Journey to Recife Carnival 2015… Phase 1

My journey to Carnival 2015 has officially begun!

The Plan:   Taking the trip in four phases: Jericoacoara to Fortaleza (295 km), Fortaleza to Natal (518 km), Natal to Pipa (90.3 km), Pipa to Recife (255 km).  All pretty easy, short trips — I think.

por de sol, jericoacoara, surfing beach

Last evening in Jericoacoara… Gonna miss this place!

The Journey: Jericoacoara to Fortaleza

I woke up at 6 am on February 1, thinking I’d catch the sunrise, but it had already passed.  Tip-toeing around the room, trying not to wake my friend, I collected my things that were scattered across the room.  Talk about procrastinating the packing process.  It’s almost as if I was trying to make it harder to leave Jeri than it already was.  Phyllis and I hadn’t been crazy about Jeri the first time we made the visit, but the place had grown on me and my roommate and I had become BFFs, almost as good as my Los Angeles family.

Despite my attempt to be quiet, he woke up… with the intent of seeing me off.   As it was Sunday, I wasn’t in a terrible rush and I gave myself plenty of time to eat breakfast, make a Skype call, and finish uploading a blog post while swinging back and forth in one of the unoccupied hammocks hanging from the giant cajú tree.

arvore preguiça, jericoacoara

Arvore de Preguiça — because this tree is also lazy, just like the lake and river and everything else!

D walked me out to the main street, where the waiting drivers immediately tried to shepherd me to one of the cars.  I joke with them that I’m gonna get out of here for free… impossible they say.  Less than a minute after sticking out my thumb, I’m climbing into a pick-up truck that was taking a family to Lagoa Paraíso, meaning I got a mini-tour of the park before getting dropped off in Jijoca.

hitchhiking brazil, full truck

How many Brazilians fit in the back of this truck??

I didn’t even wait 5 minutes for a ride; the first truck stopped and gave me a lift direct to Fortaleza even though it had a ‘proibido carona’ (no rides) sticker on it. Honestly, I had more trouble here than anywhere else because I took the wrong bus, but I arrived safe and sound at my friend’s place.


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