Hitchhiking: Fortaleza to Jericoacoara Beach

The Plan

Goal: Hitchhiking to Jericoacoara Beach from the capital of Ceará, Fortaleza

Distance: approximately 294km

Intended Route: Take any city bus from the center out to ‘Caucaia’, a suburb of Fortaleza, and start hitching on the 85.  The 222 is also an option, but it’s the old road

jericoacoara beach, praia de jericoacoara, jeri

Parque Nacional de Jericoacoara

The Journey

Jericoacoara is one of the most famous beaches in Brazil and it was our friend Pedro who first told us this was a place we had to go to.  The sentiment was repeated several times afterwards and so we followed the advice, curious what the place would look like during the day (having randomly ended up there on a Friday evening while attempting to get to Fortaleza).  Here’s what hitchhiking to Jericoacoara was like for me and Phyllis.

We first took a bus to the city center, asking the driver to let us off at a place we’d be able to catch a bus to Caucaia.  It wasn’t too hard, especially since there was a placard saying that’s where it would be going.  Our exit was a bit more complicated and since we weren’t sure where to get off or where the bus was stopping we ended up doing a nice bit of walking to get to where the road started.

It was kind of a mess, with a bunch of construction, where we began thumbing and we weren’t sure how well it was going to work.  Ironically, a few nights before, our host’s sister had warned us against hitchhiking and how it might be complicated since we weren’t leaving exactly on a day that people would be exiting the city for some beach time. The guy who picked us up was actually overshooting Jeri and going to another popular destination called Camocim.

sunset dune, jericoacoara beach, brazil

Everyone hanging out on top of the “Sunset Dune” waiting to see the display.

He was extremely nice and even brought us all the way into Jijoca where we could look for a ride to the beach.  Everyone was so annoying when we tried to walk to a hitch spot, telling us how it was 20 km to get to the water, that we eventually gave in and paid 5 reais to go with some guy who was delivering stuff.

This time in we got to see all the dunes and have the wind blow in our faces (ow, sand!)… then we drove around with the delivery guy for around 40 minutes before he let us off close to the beach.  We made it just in time for the famous Jericoacoara sunsets.

sunset jericoacoara, por de sol, jeri praia,

Unfortunately the sky was on the hazy end…

After the initial hitchhiking to Jericoacoara with Phyllis, I later hitched here from Barreirinhas in Maranhão and from Fortaleza again.  I’m kind of a pro at hitchhiking in and out of Jeri now and despite what everyone says, someone will give you a ride (though I think it’s easier getting out than in).

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