Hike to Lake Blanche

With the last of the leaves falling and no time to roam too far, last weekend I did the hike to Lake Blanche with a friend.  It’s a great Wasatch Mountain range day hike, off of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City.

wasatch mountains, hike to lake blanche

There’s some discrepancy regarding the length of the hike with the trailhead saying it’s 2.8 to Lake Blanche, but most of the internet saying it’s a little over 7.2 round trip. Either way, takes roughly 2.5 hours to go up and I would say the trail is medium difficulty (if you are not used to hiking though, it would probably be too hard because it just keeps climbing steadily).

hike to lake blanche, aspens, trail

beehive, hornet nest red leaves, autumn

The trail was a rocky road up through red leaves and past forests of nearly naked aspen trees. On the hike up, the late autumn sun (or early winter???) was quite warm, but once we were up at the top and in the open, the wind made it quite chilly.

lake blanche lake blanche

Just a bit further up the trail from Lake Blanch are two other alpine lakes, Lake Florence and Lake Lillian. Most people seem either not to know about them, or don’t care to walk five extra minutes. On a Monday afternoon, the entire place was quite deserted…

sunset, park city mountains, wasatch

We took the back way over the mountains instead of driving through the city, giving us a last glimmer of golden sunlight. I’m still an ocean girl for sunsets, but it was pretty anyway (and super, super COLD!!!!)


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