Starting A Travel Blog… Again

I have very serious doubts about my capability of keeping myself alive on this planet…


That’s the summation of what I feel after completing the mandatory cycle of schooling and earning a film production degree at a fancy four year university called USC.  Maybe what I actually mean is that I’m not sure I have the fortitude to continue navigating the human experience as we are trained to.

All evidence to the contrary, I have managed to survive some spectacularly ridiculous situations I have landed myself in around the world.  It’s not really rational to miss sleeping on the border of Colombia and Venezuela or being herded off a train in Thailand because the tracks are flooding, but I can’t help feeling slightly nostalgic.  It does have a way of making daily life even in a busy city like Los Angeles seem mundane in comparison.  I never would have imagined when I first arrived from the tiny midwestern town  that I would become restless so quickly.

It all began innocently enough with the mandatory summer backpacking trip to Europe and, for myself, a important right of passage to reconnect with my roots and childhood home in Sweden. I can hardly believe that it is now nearly five years since my friend Hannah, her sister, and I embarked on that adventure. We went about everything like it was going to be the only time we were ever going to visit whichever location we were at.  An absurd notion in hindsight, really.  Just two years later I found myself revisiting many of the same places during the tail end of the year that I spent circumnavigating the globe after my stint in New Zealand trying to get a job on The Hobbit film. The return was so brutal I bought a ticket to Brazil within a few weeks, only staying long enough to complete my studies.  That was my first experience starting a travel blog… fun for a while, until my camera got stolen and internet became all but non-existent.

Which brings us to the moment I am writing this, approximately 37 days from my next departure date.  Despite the multiple robberies and near death experiences, I am insisting on returning to South America for a number of reasons, not least of all the impending World Cup.  Truth be told, I have spent my entire year conspiring to leave and I believe it has, somewhat, hindered me working on anything too seriously.

However, I have recently decided that if I’m going to insist on flying the coop every six to twelve months for indeterminate spaces of time I need to have something to show for myself.  While I sometimes feel quite lost in managing the reality of my life in the states,  traveling on a budget is something I know how to do having dedicated over two years of my early twenties to the task as opposed to getting any career building work experience.  So, for the third time I am starting a travel blog and attempting to keep a it going, hopefully providing some advice or inspiration for fellow travelers by sharing the wisdom that I’ve found (often by making disastrous decisions) and this time I mean it.  Here I intend to keep an account of my upcoming and current adventures (skewed heavily by my opinions of the world) and collect the scattered pieces of past ones before the memories fade into oblivion.  The task has been so daunting that I have only now begun to sift through the 10,000+ photographs I have taken while wandering (I can’t even imagine how many it would be if my camera hadn’t been stolen in Peru, effectively erasing almost all evidence of the visit to South America).  I certainly won’t run out of material any time soon.

Furthermore, it is my opinion that I could destroy Stephen Colbert in Lord of the Rings trivia. 


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