Handmade Paçoca

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Paçoca is a type of peanut fudge.   I was first introduced to paçoca through the very popular Brazilian candy Paçoquita.  While I enjoy the taste of Paçoquita candies, it pales in comparison to the handmade Paçoca being made by a group of travelers I encountered while living in Jericoacoara.

They were selling their 20 g handmade paçoca on the beach to tourists with great success, using the funds to support their traveling lifestyle.  Their mobile paçoca factory required little equipment and could be packed up quickly.   I filmed the making of their very last batch before they headed off towards the Amazon.

The paçoca making process was fairly simple, though somewhat labor intensive (hand grinding is tough work!).  It was simply a matter of roasting the raw peanuts in the oven, letting them sit, and then grinding them up.  Brown sugar was then added to the peanuts, a pinch of salt, and whatever random ingredient they chose to enhance the flavor with.  These random ingredients ranged from dried mango to sesame seeds (the video shows the addition of chocolate to the basic ingredients).  After mixing together all the ingredients, they used a sieve to sift everything into a homogenous mixture.  Then it was simply a matter of assembling the paçoca in the molds.  

The final product was heavenly and extremely satisfying!

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