Central Park Wanderings

central parkSpanning across 843 acres of Manhattan island is the pleasure ground of all New Yorkers, Central Park.  The city has always been a beehive of activity and people would probably go crazy here if it wasn’t for the natural sanctuary Central Park brings the inhabitants here.  Thank goodness people were foresighted enough to do city planning in the 1850s


nyc, central park, benchI’ve meandered through Central Park on various occasions and, despite the number of people in New York and having read that it’s always crowded, found quite the contrary.

alice in wonderland shakespeare garden

Yes, of course there are parts of it that are quite busy, but there are also areas almost entirely devoid of people. I even found myself alone at points and I’m not surprised a guy managed to build hidden treehouses all over.

NYC, tunnel Belvedere Castle, nyc Central Park, Obelisk, NYC

Central Park is gorgeous and tranquil, perfect for getting lost.  I had no idea there were so many things to see inside including a castle, theater, an obelisk, a reservoir, ponds, and more.

bethesda fountain,

central park, sailboats

It took several trips, but I think I covered the grounds fairly well and for lack of words to describe the serene atmosphere… I turn rather to images. Enjoy:)

Reservoir, Bridge, NYC NYC, Central Park, Reservoir,

Bethesda Terrace, central parkBethesda Terrace, central parkcentral park, strawberry fields, imaginerow boats, central park row boats, central park, nyc

Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, Central Park sunset, nyc, reservoir

That’s it… for a concrete jungle, New York still has plenty of green spaces to hide out in. Heck, I bet you could even camp here;)

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