Exploring Brooklyn Botanical Garden

New York City is known for its hustle and bustle, but there are a surprising number of green spaces available in Manhattan and across the other boroughs.  On Saturday, I headed over to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to explore.  It’s free to get in on Saturday mornings and all day Tuesdays.  Phyllis was wearing this amazing red dress, so she sort of became my muse for the day.

greenhouse, red dress

We entered the Brooklyn Botanical Garden from the Eastern Parkway, walking through the Osborne Garden and past the Cherry Esplanade towards the Japanese Garden.

japanese garden, brooklyn botanical garden

In the Japanese Garden you can wander around the pond, looking for koi fish and the invasive turtles.  Small waterfalls and mandatory Japanese style buildings were features here, no less lovely even when if you’ve seen similar things before.  From there we passed through the Shakespeare Garden where you can read quotes from plays next to the plants.

You know, stuff like this:

Like the lily,
That once was mistress of the field and flourish’d,
I’ll hang my head and perish.”  

Henry VIII


Thankfully, the lilies had not yet perished and we were able to admire the many that were floating around in the pools of the Lily Terrace before wandering into the greenhouses. I was surprised to see that they also had giant lily pads similar to the ones I’d seen in Belém at Mangal das Garças. They also had a really cute collection of Bonsai trees; my favorites were the cascading ones.

bonsai trees, brooklyn botanical garden

Unfortunately we got a bit hungry and didn’t want to eat in the garden, so we neglected to visit the both the Rose and Rock Garden, but there’s still plenty of time to discover all the Brooklyn Botanical Garden has to offer…


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