AppleCare Abroad: Never Thought That Would Work

Guess what?! You can use AppleCare in Brazil!!! Hooray:)

magsafe, macbook pro charger

Yay! My new charger arrived and my life won’t end…

Sometime ago while I was on the sailboat in the Caribbean, my macbook pro magsafe charger started acting funny.  It was a slow decent into non-functionality, starting first with the charger not lighting up when plugged in all the time and needing increasingly more jiggling around for the cable it would connect.  The problem got worse and often times that charger would simply remain green without charging the laptop at all.   This went on about three months and finally in Barreirinhas it completely died.

Fortunately I could borrow my friend’s cable, but as she was leaving I needed a fix.  Normally a new macbook pro charger is something like $120 and in Brazil the price is always astronomically higher for Apple related products.

We arrived in Fortaleza and I thought I may as well give the AppleCare Plus plan I have a go.  I was pretty skeptical and furious preemptively that this wouldn’t work because the plan was, of course, from the United States, but as luck would have it I found an authorized Apple retailer and service center, Universo Digital, in Fortaleza.  I took the charger and computer in, explained the problem, and they hooked me up with a new charger free of charge.

Sure, it took 10 days to get here from São Paulo, but it arrived the day after my friend took hers to Puerto Rico:)

Meaning I only had to spend 24 unbearable hours without internet access.


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