Antelope Island

Utah is one of the best destinations for outdoor lovers, with almost endless opportunities for hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, and more. It’s home to some amazing natural wonders, from Zion National Park and Bryce Canyons to the Arches and beyond.

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Since I’m working now, there’s no time to head out on long camping trips and exploring missions, but lucky for me there’s still a fair number of places worth making day trip for. This weekend I headed out to Antelope Island with a friend for a bit of exploration.

frary peak trail, antelope island hiking

After driving along the roads, we set out on the Frary Peak trail, which heads to the top of Antelope Island’s highest peak. We walked a few hours, but I don’t think we ever made it… didn’t matter though, sights were still beautiful. The only bad part were there were tons of annoying little gnats (or something similar) flying around.

Probably the biggest reason I wanted to go out to the island was for the American Bison. There are apparently bighorn sheep, badgers, porcupine, and a whole lot of other creatures I didn’t see hanging around as well. But the buffalo were easy to spot, nonchalantly munching away at the yellow grasses lining the roads. They are amazing and beautiful and I thought they might kill me if I got too close.

american bison, antelope island

american bison, buffalo

Though it had been overcast nearly all day, the sun decided to show itself a little bit towards the evening. It was absolutely magical heading down towards the shores of the Great Salt Lake.

antelope island beach

antelope island, grassy field

Hundreds of birds were bobbing up and down just beyond edge of the water. I can only imagine how crazy it must be during migration periods. The lake looked almost like glass, but be warned, it smells pretty awful in some places — guess it’s all those dead brine shrimp.

great salt lake, antelope island, birds

We weren’t particularly optimistic about the sunset, but luckily we stuck around because the misty horizon turned into a shockingly bright pink… my best sunset so far in Utah!

great salt lake, antelope isalnd

pink sunset, fire in the skyantelope island, sunset

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