A Day on Ilha de Cotijuba

One of the best things to do around Belém is getting out of Belém.  The city is perfectly situated at the mouth of the Amazon river, where the sweet waters pour into the Atlantic ocean and the smatter of islands situated here separate the state of Pará from the little known state of Amapá.  They make for perfect day trips or week long getaways so we tried a few out, though didn’t have nearly enough time for thorough exploration.   Phyllis and I reunited with our CS host/friend Pedro from Boa Vista and headed out for a day to Ilha de Cotijuba.

kid on a boat

Some other people making their way out to the island on this crowded little boat

It was surprisingly hard to get information on how to get out to the islands and because Pedro’s hostel gave him the wrong information we ended up taking a really long/expensive taxi drive to get the boat.  A more economical way is to take any bus from the center (I saw some pass on Avenida Visc. Souza de Franco) to the neighborhood of Icoaraci and then take the boat which is 4 reais each way.

horse carriage, ilha de cotijuba, transporte

This horse carriage was our transport to and from the port to the beach.

The ride was a bouncy 40 minutes and even when we got to the island we still needed to take another form of transport to get to a nice beach.  We hopped in a horse carriage and ten minutes later had a nice spot.

ilha de cotijuba, praia, beach huts, brazil

Some iconic tropical beach huts that were sheltering no one.

Since we had gone late and needed to get back to Belém in time for Pedro to catch his flight we really didn’t have much time to do any exploring so we spent the afternoon on the beach and in the water.

ilha cotijuba, belém, praia, beach picnic

on the beach

Pedro designing something in the sand.

Right before the sunset, around 6 p.m.,  we were grabbing the last boat back to the mainland.  It was a bumpy ride and all three of us were sure at some point the boat would tip over, but we made it back without getting to wet.

pink cloud

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